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Lustre Cleaning Featured in House & Home Magazine

Post-Party 101 Cheap Sweep

Hiring a professional home cleaning service in Toronto during the holidays can provide some much needed help for an after-party cleanup or before a house guest arrives…you can save some money with these smart tips…

“Be specific about what you need before the actual visit. Cleaners appreciate lists.” says Nick Kaczun founder and CEO of Toronto based Lustre Luxury Cleaning and Services. “You’ll avoid having to explain everything when they arrive.” Clarifying your expectations in advance and prioritizing items and areas can lessen the overall time billed, saving you money. And organized companies will keep this information on file.

Give cleaners space. “Keeping kids and pets out of the way allows cleaners to work effectively and efficiently” says Kaczun. Removing distractions and the need to re-clean an area will minimize overall costs.”

I.W., House & Home Dec 2008

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