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How to Find a Good House Cleaning Service in Toronto

What follows are some insider tips on how to find a good, reliable, house cleaning service in Toronto. This is based on our experience from being in the cleaning business since 2005, and largely from conversations we have had with customers who have had poor experiences. While at the end of the day we hope you choose Lustre for your home cleaning needs, these recommendations are impartial and we recognize that our approach may not suit everybody’s taste.
Really it boils down to doing a bit more research online. While there are the obvious things like checking out reviews on various review sites or Google Business, some lesser known strategies include reviewing a cleaning company’s website in more detail. How long have they been in business? Do they have a unique value proposition? Do they value their employees… or the environment? Once you’ve glossed over the initial sales pitch, consider diving a little deeper to learn more about the business!

There are a few questions you may need to ask in person. For example, do they perform a pre-cleaning inspection? We think it’s a bit crazy that so many companies don’t do this. How else are you going to truly understand your customer’s needs if you don’t take time to review the specifics of the job, with them, in person?
Similarly, do they perform a post-job follow up of some sort to be sure you’re satisfied? The house cleaning business still relies heavily on word-of-mouth; a company that builds your satisfaction into their processes is most likely to earn your trust, and referrals. And be around for the long haul.

Another thing is if at any point your spidey senses start tingling, then remember there are lots of options out there. For example, do they ask for money up front? This is a sure sign of trouble… if they can’t stand behind the work that they will be doing or ask for a deposit up front, then be careful. There are a number of “fly by night” agencies that operate in this manner – remember, it’s buyer beware!

There is lots of competition in the Toronto house cleaning market. Companies will have their own unique value propositions, so try to find a service that is congruent with what you value. For example, here at Lustre we probably value our employees more than any other agency in Toronto. We try really hard to keep them happy and by retaining good staff for the long run, we feel that over time we can offer the best service. We also work super hard on our house cleaning process – we always start with a pre-cleaning inspection and we ask for feedback after every job. We’re not keen on price matching because we truly feel that we provide better quality cleaning, and while we may be more expensive than other services, we feel that we provide better overall value.

Take your time, especially if you’re looking for recurring house cleaning (e.g., maid or housekeeping services on a regular basis). The time you invest up front in finding the service that suits you best will pay dividends in the future. Thanks and good luck with all your house cleaning needs!

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